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Off OUr Trolley ArtS works across a huge range of art forms. From small individual commissions and paintings to large scale community murals and installations, we have the skills and experience to meet your specifications and budget. 


  • Paintings

  • Murals

  • Collage,

  • Banners & flags

  • 3D

  • lantern making

  • installations

  • mosaics


We offer Interactive participartory art projects for all communities, including schools and universities. 


We can tailor any art project to meet the needs of any curriculum area. 


We believe passionately that art can be fun but that it can also be used as a means to raise awareness of important issues.


Please click on the pictures to see examples of my work.

"Artistic ingenuity and versatility"           

                                                                             Margot Lambert Caldmore Housing Association

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